About Delivery Address and Deliveries

About Delivery Address and Deliveries:
Deliveries are created in an ERP System to trace the delivery of items to the appropriate locations. Delivery address scenario is applicable while,

  • Transferring Goods from one Warehouse to another Warehouse
  • Shipping the finished goods to a customer
  • Receiving the goods from a vendor
  • Requesting for items to manage stocks in the warehouse

Changes to AX 2009 from AX2012:
In AX2009, the Sales order functionality is available under the Accounts Receivable & accessible from the CRM module as a functionality
In AX 2009, we navigate to

Accounts Receivable -> Common -> Sales Order  Details

access the Sales Order form.
In AX 2012, there are enhancements being made in the Sales Order.  The navigation to the functionality continues to remain the same while accessing the Accounts Receivable module.

 Accounts Receivable -> Common -> Sales Order  Details

There is a new module introduced in AX2012 called Sales and Marketing through which we can access the Sales Order.

Sales and Marketing -> Common -> Sales Order -> All Sales Orders

In AX 2012, while creating the Sales Order, we have a choice of changing the Delivery Address functionality. This scenario is applicable while creating a sales order header.
In Ax2009, after creating the sales order the delivery address can be modified. This consumes a lot of time for a purchase or a sales representative in creating sales orders and processing them.  In Ax, the delivery address comes from the Customer Master form and there is no way in AX 2009 that we can change the delivery address while creating a sales order.

Microsoft Dynamics AX2009: Delivery Address in Sales Order

As illustrated in AX 2012, we have the choice of changing the Delivery address while creating the sales order.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012: Delivery Address in Sales Order form

Once the sales order is created, the focus shifts to the Sales order line. In the sales order line in AX2009, there are a lot of changes compared to ones in AX2012 (The screen design is valid for Microsoft Dynamics Ax2012 R1, R2 and R3).


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