Unable to Contact Server Name

Unable to contact Server Name http://<servername>/DynamicsAX6HelpServer/HelpService.svc:

1. The first requirement is to setup .NET Framework 4.0, version 4.0. Even, after installing .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0 is not recognized by ApplicationHost.config. This is one issue where the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) is not able to recognize .NET framework 4.0.
ApplicationHost.config is found under the section,

To ensure that ApplicationHost.config recognizes .NET Framework 4.0, we need to run the following command:
Aspnet_regiis.exe /iru
The above mentioned command needs to be run in the following section
<%systemdrive%>/windows/Microsoft .Net/Framework64>

2. The next possible reason for the issue could be browsing of Content Directory and there is a possibility that Directory Browsing is not enabled on the Help Server website. This is very critical.

Enable Directory Browsing to browse the Virtual Directory
Enable Directory Browsing to browse the Virtual Directory where the Help Server content is stored.

This will allow one to browse the contents stored in the virtual directory of Help Server.

Enable Directory Browsing
Enable Directory Browsing

3. The final step is to install Indexing Services Role (if it is not installed) which is available under Administrative Tools -> Server Manager -> File Services -> Indexing Service

Once Indexing Service is installed go and enable the Indexing option on the Content directory for the Help Server. Go to Control panel and in Control Panel search for the Indexing option.

Indexing Options
Indexing Options

On the Indexing options window, select the directory on which indexing needs to be enabled. Browse to the content directory in the virtual directory of the HelpServer website and ensure that the content directory is indexed as shown in the screenshot below.

Enabling the Indexing Option on the Content Directory in the Help Server

If the Help Server is not connecting even after enabling all these services, then re-installing the Help Server should solve the problem.


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