Cumulative Update 8 for Microsoft Dynamics Ax2012 R3

With release 3 of Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012, Microsoft has released Cumulative Update 8. Cumulative Update 8 is available through the link mentioned below.;EN-US;2998197

This KB 2998197 article highlights the bunch of issues resolved through CU8.

Hotfix Description Build numbers
Cumulative Update 8;EN-US;2998197 6.3.1000.309
Ax Kernel level build 6.2.1000.1437

Recently, a new kernel level build has been launched for Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R3. The new kernel level build is available on Lifecycle services.

This build is used to fix Excel add-ins issues.

With Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R2, the latest build numbers available are Cumulative Update 7 and Cumulative Update 6. Cumulative Update 6 and Cumulative Update 7 can be downloaded through the links below.



Build numbers

Cumulative Update 7;en-us;2885603 6.2.1000.4051
Cumulative Update 6;en-us;2850972 6.2.1000.1437

Note:   While upgrading from Cumulative Update 6 to Cumulative Update 7 on Microsoft Dynamics Ax2012 R2, just                          ensure that you backup the model store database, because at times the model store crashes post CU7 upgrade.

Feature Pack 1 has released for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. This build of AX2012 is called Build 6.0.1108.xxxx. For industrial solutions the Feature Pack is shipped as 6.1.1108.xxxx (Process Industries, Service Industries, and Public Sector). There are situations where Feature Pack 1 is not applied but the Cumulative updates 1,2 or 3 are deployed. In such situations, the build of AX2012 will be applied as 6.0.947.xxxx, where xxxx stands for the patch updates or version of the binary patch update.

All patches applied to these build will be binary files and this will be represent the xxxx.  This applies same for build 6.0

Feature Packs and Cumulative Updates 1,2 and 3 for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 can be downloaded from PartnerSource through the link mentioned below. Also remember, that Feature pack will update the Application database and Cumulative Update 2 will update the model store database.

Feature pack 1 for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012:;EN-US;2709934

Cumulative Updates for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012:

  •  Cumulative Update 1:,en-us,2579565

  • Cumulative Update 2:,en-us,2606916

  •  Cumulative Update 3:;EN-US;2709934


One thought on “Cumulative Update 8 for Microsoft Dynamics Ax2012 R3

  1. Hi Navneeth,
    Thanks for the Info, After Installing FP1 can i directly update it with CU3 or i need to go with CU1,CU2 finally CU3.

    Which is better, pls provide your suggestion.
    Ansar Basha.S

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