Setup Enterprise Search in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012

Enterprise Search provides a robust search engine across all data registered with the service. End users can search for a bunch of information from Microsoft Dynamics Ax Client or Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 Enterprise portal. This feature replaces the global search feature of Ax2009.

Here Enterprise Search is configured and setup, based on the following line of pre-requisite components.

  • Operating System    –      Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Database                   –      Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition
  • Portal                         –      Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Edition
  • Ax Version                 –     Microsoft Dynamics Ax2012 R3 with Enterprise Portal                                                installed and configured with Cumulative Update 8

Note:   Here Ax2012 Enterprise Portal must be installed and configured successfully.

1.    The first step is to install Enterprise Search in Microsoft Dynamics Ax2012.

Featured image

         Ensure that the SharePoint Server Search service startup type service is started.          Ensure the service is configured.

Featured image

         Once the SharePoint Server Search service is configured, the following message          will be displayed. The Business Data Connectivity service application is          a centralized infrastructure that enables SharePoint search for information that          do not reside within SharePoint.

Featured image

           Ensure, that the Business connector proxy and the search crawler account are            set and enabled.

Featured image             The search crawler account needs to be setup and configured as shown below.

Featured image

               Choose the SharePoint Web Application from the drop-down showcased               below to ensure that the search runs on top of the selected Web Application.

Featured image

               After choosing the web application, the next step is to complete the                 pre-requisite check.

Featured image




2.         The next step is to create the users and ensure that the user is assigned the             Search Crawler security role.

Featured image







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