Ax32.exe crash (Ax Client has stopped working)

Post Ax2012 R3 or Ax 2012 R2 installation and configuration, there have been several times that our application crashes when we try to open the Ax application.


Following is a screenshot of the error.

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To resolve the issue follow the steps mentioned below:

1.  Open cmd.exe and open the command line as an administrator. The reason      we face this error is because of the temporary .auc files that are created      automatically, every time the application is opened by the user.

2. Run the @echo off command. This command turns the command line echo     command off. This runs the .bat file to cleanup the temporary .auc files.

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This will cleanup all the .auc files under <%SystemDrive%>\Users\<username>\AppData\Local. The following are the .AUC files that is created whenever an AX user opens the Ax2012 R3/R2 application.

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