Microsoft Dynamics Ax7/Ax2015

The Microsoft Dynamics Ax team has revealed its statement of direction in Partnersource, where the team has clearly stated that the next version of Ax will be targeted towards HTML5/XAML.

The Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics Ax has been released and you can download it from Microsoft Dynamics PartnerSource. The future of Microsoft Dynamics Ax will target HTML5/XAML.

Microsoft has streamlined its architecture for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and soon it will be streamlining its architecture considering the idea of natural user interfaces for products like Windows, XBox etc…

Visual Studio LightSwitch which is the limelight of Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 helps create Line of Business Applications that target any device concept with UI specific features in the future for Microsoft Metro UI. Using LightSwitch, it will become easier for developers to develop lightweight applications that are device independent. One can have the same UI applicable across all platforms.

“Three screens and a cloud” was revealed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer while evangelizing Windows Azure around Fiscal Year 2011 but now its true. The vision of Three Screens and a cloud is finally taking shape at Microsoft